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BrainLift is an educational programs organization aiming to contribute to the brain fitness of children and maximize their learning capabilities. We realize our aim by utilizing programs to increase brain fitness which accelerates learning and improves cognitive skills.

Fit Brains Learn Better.

Our bodies are stronger and more potent with regular and effective exercise, and so are our brains! Brains learn better after consistent use of the Fast ForWord exercises. The key is processing efficiency, and students around the globe, regardless of native language, are using the Fast ForWord program to develop the cognitive skills that enhance learning, leading to academic success.

Who can benefit from BrainLift programs?

Over 150 research studies across the world show that students of all ages and academic ability levels can benefit from the programs offered by BrainLift. The programs have been especially powerful in helping:
  • students who want to improve their cognitive skills such as memory, attention, processing speed and squencing
  • struggling learners
  • struggling readers
  • students who want to improve their English reading skills and pronunciation
  • students who are challenged by conditions such as APD, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and other learning difficulties

What kinds of changes you might see after your child starts our programs?

  • Increased self-esteem
  • A new excitement towards learning
  • Better listening and communication skills
  • Improved ability to follow directions
  • Improved reading abilities
  • Better academic performance

The brain can reinvent and reconfigure itself throughout life

This ability of brain to change itself throughout life is called brain plasticity. Our programs benefit from this ability by developing four key cognitive skills:

Memory: the capacity to store information and concepts, essential for word recognition, sentence comprehension and remembering instructions
Attention: the ability to focus on tasks and ignore distractions
Processing: the ability to distinguish sounds quickly to discriminate their differences, a prerequisite for phonemic awareness and reading
Sequencing: a cognitive skill that relies on memory, attention, and processing, essential for phonics, word fluency, reading and oral comprehension